Our Mission is the Development of Haiti

  • Dedicated People’s Foundation for the Development of Haïti (DPFDH), is a Foundation built to profit Haiti purely and simply for its development.
  • DPFDH ‘s logo is a lot of people holding hands saying « Unity is Strength » as a reminder of where we came from and where we want to go. Together we can make things happen. That’s why the slogan is « Together we can rebuild Haïti »
  • DPFDH’s Slogan «  Together we can rebuild Haiti »
  • The Foundation is Non-political and open to anyone that’s want to help rebuild Haiti.
  • DPFDH ‘s goal is to contribute to the development of Haïti in education, Heath Care, Environment and Agriculture, etc….
  • To help develop Haïti by launching an aggressive investment assault accros the country.
  • To make a positive impact on the economic and social fabric of Haïti.
  • DPFDH is free to have alliances with other organizations, local and international as soon as we have the same ideology of development of Haïti  and still remain independent.

Action Plan 

We will bring to Haiti a new way of thinking. We will help the people to understand that together we can go forward by doing our part. Our philosophy is to work with the people instead of working for them. Here is how we will proceed:

  1. We intend to start with a pilot project in small areas next to Hinche before the end of 2019. Will explain our philosophy and vision in several schools and churches in the local communities to see how the people will react. We will also push them to identify what are the urgent needs of the communities and guide them in the research of smart solutions.
  2. Form community to community, we will organize conferences to teach them how to organize themselves as a community, a value that has been lost in Haiti.  The communities will organize themselves in associations (farmers, men, women, youth etc…) and all activities will be done through the associations.
  3. We will teach these people to participate in the development of their own area through volunteerism before they can get a job. We will be involved in education, healthcare, social-economic activities, reforestation, etc….
  4. On our website we will have the list of all the communities where the process has been done and the needs of each community will be identifiedwith the actions that we intend to do. So, from there, whoever wants to help will be able to choose the area (s) and the actions that fit the most his/her capacities or that matter most to him/her.
  5. The head board will create visual materials and organize multiple meetings with the local committee to coordinate every action. All information will be available on the website for every phase of each project and more can be provided upon request.
  6. At the end of each Project there will be an evaluation by the local team and the association/community. That will allow us to adjust our plan before conducing similar projects in other areas.

We believe that the development of Haiti must start with micro development, so the people can understand the meaning of every action. When they work to realize something, they will not destroy it. By encouraging the community’s participation in every project, we intend to create a sense of community ownership and the memberswill have a sense of pride, empowerment, lifelong learning, inclusion and self-help. Our objective is to implement this new way of thinking, doing and organizing all over the country in the next 5 to 10 years. We also want to partner with any existing organization/foundation that share our vision.