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DPFDH (Dedicated People’s Foundation for the Development of Haïti)

The foundation history:

The idea of founding the foundation came into my head after the President of the United States of America Donald Trump had treated Haiti as “Shithole”. Basically I was one the people who were very upset about what the President said about Haiti. And one day, I said to myself that he was right, Haiti is a “Shithole”, but as patriot Haitian what can I do to help Develop Haiti so no one will have the guts calling Haiti “shithole” ever again. As I was going back to school, I am like let me go for my Master of Art in International Relations in order to have some ideas on how to help Develop my country Haiti. As I see the rise of China, India, just to name a few leaving the developing countries to be among the developed countries, I came up with the idea of founding the DPFDH, with the Slogan “Together we can Rebuild Haiti” and a Logo with a lot of people holding hands saying that « Unity is Strength » as a reminder of where we came from and where we want to go. Because together we can make good  things happen for, and in Haiti. Together we can develop Haiti, together we can stop being a shithole country. We can become a well Developed country where everyone has a good way of living and where people can live as human being and most importantly where everyone has a minimum to live well.

Our Story

About the Founder :

My name is Guy-Robert Pierre, originally from the Central High Plateau of Haïti, especially from Cerca-Carvajal. I grew up in Hinche, where I did classical studies at the Siloe Baptist School (Primary) and at the Petit Séminaire of Saint Martin de Porrès College (Secondary). I have a Bachelor's degree in Theology and a Bachelor's degree in Philosophy, now I am a student in International Relations, Master's degree at Norwich University in the United States of America where I live since 2009.

My passion and my dreams are to have a well developed Haiti in 5 to 10 years, that is not going to happen by doing magic, we have to work very hard to make that happen, we are strong people, we are strong worker, we prove it whenever we can.  Wherever we are, we always work hard to support our families, but now it’s time to do something more for our country Haiti. Together, let’s put politics, jealousy aside and develop Haiti. Let’s prove to the world how together we can develop Haiti. Let’s prove to ourselves how proud we are going to be.

Meet the Team


Guy Robert Pierre

Founder & CEO

BA in Theology

Master in International Relations


Dr. Perrette St Preux


BA in Public Health


Simond Jean-Renel

Director 2

BA in Theology

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Our Approach

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