How can I help D.P.F.D.H.? What can I donate? How? The answer is ANYTHING and ANYHOW? 

D.P.F.D.H. wants to better the life of the people in Haiti that have been neglected for more than half a century. The people that are suffering for generations with hunger, bad health conditions, poor or no education, that have never seen a light bulb, no access to clean water, etc… the people with no voice. Most of Haitians don’t know their rights and responsibilities and those of the government in a democracy.  Haitians have been waiting for the government to do everything for them since we have a private sector that has no interest whatsoever in seeing these people get out of the misery. No country can progress in such a situation. This is the message that D.P.F.D.H. carries “Everybody can do something because every life matter and every cent count”.

What you can offer:



  • Expertise to help the people discover what their lands are good for, what can be produced, you can invest in a farmor in the production of anything for exportation.
  • Materials
  • Invest in a credit line to help the farmers in their productions……


Help in the construction of health centers, pharmacies, provide medications, materials, organize mobile clinics, conferences and formations for healthcare professionals, health education for the population……


Giving equipment’s for schools, building or renovate schools and libraries (inexistent in Haiti), provide books, computers, electrification, help paying tuitions for children, help buying uniforms, school supplies……

Social development 

Anything is welcome: community cafeterias, market places, public places for children to play, create social program to empower the women….


Money to help cover several expenses

Printing flyers, T-shirts and hats for the foundation and for each association in the communities

We welcome any constructive idea and critics. You might not be able to help, but you might know somebody that can; please share our websites, spread the idea, and talk about us in your communities, work places, churches. We need everyone’s help. Haiti is ours, together let’s put it back on the world map. YES, WE CAN! Together we can rebuild Haiti.