How you are shaping Haiti’s future?

Basically, the point is to keep giving Haiti more chances to grow its own development and rise like China, India etc… and most importantly make sure they have some governments that feel real compulsion or right to serve the people, by using their money to create a lot of opportunities and to set up situations that motivate the people to be more industrious and more independent.

China is growing at a phenomenal rate. Its economy has grown as much as 10 per cent a year over the past ten years; in Haiti we have a lot of resources that can lead us to development as well, we just have to use them in our convenience; Haiti is a rich country living by poor people. But if we put ourselves together we can rebuild Haiti. For instance, if everyone that’s working can put at least every month $10 aside for Haiti, we will have enough money to start with the process of development and we will be able to make history again as we made it in 1804 as first black country independent. I’m not sure if I should be telling you this…But if I don’t, no one will. Haiti will rise again.
And you’re going to waste another year running around
in circles looking for the ideal “method” to have a better life without thinking about helping our brothers and sisters in Haiti?
Actually, we’re seeing the largest failure rates in history of Haiti, why, because not one so-called expert or top earner ever talks about their REAL golden goose to save this nation from poverty.
They put up smoke and mirror show to distract you from
the real thing that is going on in Haiti (the poverty). They send you off to a wild goose chase instead. Why, because nobody cares about Haiti’s poverty.
We, on the other hand, have no reservation to share with you
what can REALLY WORKS for us to develop Haiti.
Because, as far as I am concerned, the world’s a better place when it’s full of wealthy people, and it’s the same for Haiti. Haiti will be a better place, after we put ourselves together to grab that road of success to develop this country.
We believe in abundance, we believe in you to make the development happen. Together we can develop Haiti. And the more success stories we create, the more successful we are and that’s a true measure of success, that’s what I think.

In fact, I have to tell you, it is not about making money. It’s how many people you’ve helped get money and get developed. It’s how you contribute in your way to help develop Haiti.
Money will come naturally if you do it right by selling your own product and Haiti will be between the developed countries around the world. And then every other country will respect us, our citizens will not have the obligation to go look for opportunities in Dominican Republic where they do not even respect us; our citizens will not to Chile, Brazil looking for better opportunity because we will have it all. Jobs, infrastructure, security. Etc…